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Dear Kneading Time Family, 


Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, please be advised that effective August 1, 2020, Kneading Time Spa will be discontinuing all facial and waxing services.  We will continue to do what we do best: body care, including but not limited to all types of massages, body wraps, body scrubs, eye treatments, foot treatments, and spray tanning.


We have and will continue to take every step imaginable to ensure your safety and ours at our Spa. The new normal will include:


~Everyone entering must wear a mask while in our waiting area 

~All clients are screened for Covid-19 symptoms

~A no-touch infrared thermometer will be used before each service

~We are asking all clients to come alone ( No Exceptions )

~Spa will be disinfected frequently throughout the day 


Please be reminded that one of our most important  values here at Kneading Time Spa has always been to make sure our Spa is a healthy & safe environment for your well being & ours. We are encouraging you to take good care of yourselves and to be mindful of others in our community.



Attention Scheduled Clients: If you are not feeling well; like you're getting sick, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, PLEASE RESCHEDULE.


We reserve the right to stop or decline an appointment in order to keep our Spa a safe and healthy environment for our customers and our staff. We appreciate your understanding and consideration! 


Warmest Regards,

Damaris Summo,

Owner, Kneading Time 


P.S Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


Massage Services

Ultimate De-stressor-Aromatic Swedish Therapy

Close your eyes, relax, and bid stress farewell. Your therapist rhythmically applies proven effective Swedish massage techniques combined with aromatherapy to help you de-stress, unwind, and achieve a deep sense of wellness. Your circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly alleviated. • Neroli (pacifying orange blossom) • Lavender (soothing & healing) • Rosemary (rejuvenating & relaxing)  

Aromatherapy Massage

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $140

Aromatherapy is the process of infusing essential botanical oils into the air to promote relaxation and achieve other therapeutic effects. Aromatherapy can usually be added to massage and bodywork services to enrich and complete your experience.

Reflexology Massage

30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $85
This dynamic pressure point massage technique is applied to the feet to relieve soreness and release tension. Each pressure point corresponds to an area of the body to immediately alleviate and promote healing. Traditional reflexology or stone reflexology treatments are available. Especially beneficial for those on their feet for extended periods of time.

Scalp Massage

15 minutes - $25

25 minutes - $35

One of the most obvious benefits of scalp massage is increased circulation.  The scalp, being an extremity is one of the hardest places for blood to flow.  A scalp massage not only assists in the relations of the body’s muscles, it is also effective in the reduction in anxiety and mental stress that has been allowed to build up, a major reason for the cause of exacerbation of headaches.  This type of massage is very beneficial to the scalp; it helps to dilate blood vessels and also provides a great relaxation.  Service includes massage of the scalp, decollate, and face.  Relax, revive and rejuvenate with a scalp massage.

Hot Stone Massage

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $140
Exhale and relax as your therapist administers an advanced mineralized black granite stone massage therapy far exceeding traditional stone massage. Synchronized therapeutic massage with micronized minerals: Malachite and Zincite, de-stresses your entire being… mind, body, and spirit. Customize your spa journey with your choice of scentual aromatic essential oils:
• Neroli (pacifying orange blossom) • Lavender (soothing & healing) • Rosemary (rejuvenating & relaxing)

Swedish Massage

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $130

120 minutes - $170

Deep Tissue Targeted Restoration

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $140
Specifically customized, this deep tissue massage targets your body areas of concern. A variety of therapeutic techniques are combined to ensure stress-related tenderness is immediately relieved and alleviated.

Maternity, Pre/Post - Natal Massage

30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $85
This treatment relieves stress and discomfort due to pregnancy. With this nurturing massage, your body will appreciate this much needed care.
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Service Policy

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We reserve the right to change our products and services prices at any time without further notice.